Tom Whittaker

Speaker Details:

Company: British Weight Lifting

Job Title: Head Coach, Powerlifting Team

Speaker Bio:

Performance manager/Team leader/Head coach for the BWL Powerlifting team, wining multiple European titles, Asian and American titles, a world senior title and 2 Paralympic medals in Rio 2016.  Synthesise strategic material which includes but is not limited to philosophical and operational values and behaviours, deterministic models, evidence funding matrices and rationales, outline annual milestone objectives, investigate and explore what it takes to win and where athlete development has to take place. Responsible for achieving UK Sport medal targets within set financial parameters; requires influencing stakeholders and implementing efficient and creative interventions to achieve shared and aligned objectives. Understanding and identifying what is critical. Responsible for developing a ‘What it Takes to Win’ model by identifying key determinants of performance and then leading the development of podium and podium potential athletes aligned to the framework.