Kapil Kane

Speaker Details:

Company: Intel

Job Title: Director, Innovation

Speaker Bio:

Kapil Kane, Director of Innovation at Intel runs Ideas2Reality- a China-wide corporate Incubator and Accelerator of ideas. He has a proven track record as an innovator, designer and leader of teams helping bring blockbuster products into the market. Before joining Intel 5 years ago, Kapil worked at Apple leading design and development efforts on a variety of products ranging from tiny iPod Shuffle all the way to mighty iMac and everything in between. His contribution to design also spans across the areas of astrophysics, particle accelerators and automobiles. Kapil received Masters degree from Stanford University in California and Bachelors from National Institute of Technology in India- both in Mechanical Engineering and Design. He has spent a decade each living and working in the US and China and has been based out of Shanghai for the past 9 years.